Top 8 Resources For Lifelong Learners

There is no limit to learning. Education doesn’t have any age, and so even when you grow old, you can keep on learning. Lifelong learning can keep you self-motivated and give meaning to life. Here are some great resources for lifelong learning.


On this platform, you can choose from lots of online courses on any topic you can think of. This includes big data analysis, marketing, negotiation tactics, and more. The courses are free, but if you need a certification after completion of the course, then you will need to pay a certain fee.


This is a platform for higher education. The course offerings are limited, but if you are opting for higher education, then you should choose this platform. The courses are challenging and have interactive exercises.

Open Sesame

Here the courses are specially designed for entrepreneurs. The courses are offered by prestigious institutions. You will find lots of courses here, especially if you are a Spanish speaker.


You can learn anytime, anywhere, and that’s all this app is about. Using this app, you can learn things on the go. They offer bite-sized micro-courses on various topics. It’s a wonderful way to utilize your idle travel time.

Here you will find ‘how-to’s’ on a wide range of topics, including entrepreneurship. You will find a simple step-wise guide about ‘how to start a business, ‘how to gain media coverage, and other topics.


It is an email subscription service that will provide bite-sized courses in your inbox every day. The courses are 10-days long, and the lessons are only 5-minutes long. Topics range from ‘how to have better sleep’ to ‘understanding patents and copyrights, and others.


If you are looking for a fun way of learning, then you should download this app. Here you will learn different things with interactive and fun games. You can choose various courses like ‘learning 300 common French words’ or ‘names of fishes in Spanish’.


It’s a great platform to learn different languages. You will learn vocabulary and grammar thoroughly with the help of different courses on this platform.

Some of the courses are free, and even the paid courses are not very expensive. So, you can get enrolled in any course at any time and learn at your own pace.