The number of coaching and training centres is increasing due to the high demand for better education. If you are the owner of coaching or a training centre, then you can advertise your business here.

Whether it’s a subject-based coaching centre or corporate training centre, it is the right platform for advertising your education-related business. We offer several advertising options for our clients. Here is a few worth mentioning.

Banner ads

These ads offer you flexibility and affordability. You can choose banner ads of any size according to your budget. We have expert advertisers who can design the perfect ad for your campaign. They can come up with the right message for your target customers. You can share the banner ad space with other clients, too, if you want.


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We organize contests and seminars on education. You can sponsor these events and get the chance to boost your brand image. We will let you know of the upcoming events so that you can plan your campaign accordingly.

Social media marketing

We can provide social media ads on our social media platforms. We are actively engaged in our social networks, and by posting ads here, you will reach a lot of potential clients. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, we can ensure that your campaign gets the best results.

You should book a one-to-one consultation with our advertising specialists to decide what kind of campaign will be best for your business. They can guide you and choose the right option within your budget. For any inquiry about the advertising options or quotes, please contact us.