Owner/s Bruce and Alison Martin

Phone Contact (08) 9259 6200

37 Calley Drive, Leeming 6149
Aldon Willetton is in the southern suburbs of Perth in Leeming. This centre services all students in Leeming and surrounding suburbs.

Bruce is a secondary school teacher (Year 7-12) at Mathematics, Studies of Society and Environment and English in Perth and has been teaching and tutoring for over 25 years. Alison assists with the tutoring and administration of Aldon Tutoring Willetton and has a great wealth of experience in Science and Mathematics. She also works at the Water Corporation in Perth.

Opening Hours:
3.45pm to 4.55pm and 5.00 to 6.10pm Monday to Friday. Saturday morning sessions beginning at 8:30am to 9:40am and 9:45am to 10:55pm. Sessions are 70 minutes in duration and we charge $50 per session. Discounts are offered for a block of 4 lessons or if 2 children from the same family attend.
Other sessions by appointment.
Years 11 and 12 Maths and English are available on request.
Professional tutoring for children in Years 1-12 in:
- Spelling 
- Grammar 
- Reading Accuracy 
- Reading Comprehension 
- Writing 
- Mathematics

Aldon Tutoring Willetton helps students improve their self-esteem, motivation, confidence and academic results every week. When you enter the outstanding facilities of Aldon Tutoring Willetton, their highly qualified, experienced and friendly teachers will listen to what you have to say about your child’s needs and conduct a free assessment and interview. If tutoring is decided, an individual weekly program is prepared to cater for the student.
Aldon Tutoring Willetton tutors in Spelling, Reading Accuracy, Reading Comprehension, English, Grammar and Mathematics. The Aldon Tutoring Centre in Willetton can, in addition, help in a range of secondary school subjects. Aldon Tutoring Centres find the problems and work at fixing them. Students have success with extensive tutoring and using a centre eliminates distractions that home tutoring presents.
"Our daughter was struggling severely with maths, to the degree that we had difficulty getting her to school each day. This created a lot of anxiety and lack of self esteem that was affecting her school work in other areas. We heard about the ALDON tutoring program and decided that we had to do something to help her overcome the problems she faced. After a few short weeks, we could see a dramatic improvement in her maths. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere at ALDON, helps her to enjoy learning. Even her school teacher often remarked on how well she had improved at maths and how her confidence and self esteem had grown. She seemed like a different person. You have been committed to improving our daughter’s understanding of maths and making it an enjoyable experience. We strongly recommend the ALDON teaching method to assist any child that experiences difficulties in learning. We have been truly amazed with the results.
Yours Sincerely,

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