Dear Parents,

Before you read on, we wanted to address a few things...

We are not a computer based tuition company. Your child will spend some time at a computer or a tablet, but not the entire time. We use concrete materials, paper, workbooks, whiteboards, guest tutors, anything we can to get the best out of your child.

Franchise owners are qualified school teachers, so if you want our opinion, our advice or our support, you're talking to someone who knows what they're talking about, not just a business owner.

We know your child. We know what sports they play, we know their siblings, we know the child. Rapport is a priority at Aldon Tutoring Centres.
Our program works. Simply, the material we have allows your child to learn.
We offer ongoing updates, support and advice.
The program is written for teachers, by teachers, with the support of teachers.
Teachers who own and work in Aldon Tutoring Centres care.
We are the best value for money. We have the best program. We have the best teachers.
We get you. We understand your frustrations and we are here to help.
Nationwide, parents are looking for assistance for children and families are overwhelmed and struggling to spend time at home assisting their child. Aldon Tutoring Centres are here to help you and give you support you and your child need. Do yourself a favour and contact us today

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